1. What are Escape Rooms

    Escape room. AKA room escape, exit game, escape game, and many other names. The long and short of it is that it’s an interactive activity, at a real-life place somewhere. You go there with some friends, get confined in a room and have an hour to solve all the puzzles and activities in that room, often finishing with finding the code to the exit door, so that you can escape.
    There are variants, you might not always be trying to ‘escape’ – you might be trying get the code to disarm a bomb, solve a murder mystery or track down a serial killer. You might even be doing some of it outside. Regardless, they’re still broadly referred to as “escape rooms”.
    We are extremely excited to be opening Escapade Cobh where you can experience “Escape from Spike Island, a “Late Night Bank Robbery” or help Sherlock Holmes to solve his final case.
    Book today or contact Rachael on 0876790897.


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